Please be aware that all the "How to" and FAQ have worked perfectly for me. But always have a backup and document everything you do or all the values which it had. Because you have to do all these steps on your own risk! I do not take any responsibility if something does not work after you have followed the article!!

If you have this issue:
If a Delegate accepts a meeting for his manager, then after a few seconds, the meeting changes from Accepted to Tentative. If you open the item, then in the Infobar it shows that the meeting was accepted but the status shows ‘Tentative’.

Then maybe you should try to accept this meeting request while no one uses Active Sync with his IPhone. It seems that IPhone with the OS Version 3.x are having this issue while OS Version 2.x seems not to have this problem. As far as I know following devices (can) have the OS Version 3.x:

IPhone 3GS
IPhone 3G
and Probably other Apple Devices which can sync with Active Sync and has the OS Version 3.x

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